Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Infinitude of Futures


I must have been programmed for this
Unless I created it in a dream.  I had
Translated it into a program and distilled
It in just this way and rushed out to the ship
With its glistening skin loaded previously
With all that I held of value, everyone,
And strapped myself in the pilot’s seat.

I inputted the code
From secrets long concealed
And launched us past the moon
And sun, and just as I knew,
The idea that we couldn’t go faster
Than light was a fiction to bind us
To this error that had reduced the earth.

Everyone stared out his window
As we passed comets, asteroids
And then the stars until we arrived
At a planet like the earth
Had been eons ago, but gentle
And green with a wholesomeness
Never seen by any of us. Rushing out

I set up camp, furnished with all
The good things there and all I had brought.
The new world was arrayed before us,
Lighted leaves from glowing trees,
Eyes gleaming beneficently in the
After glow of our landing,
An infinitude of futures.

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