Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Loving of Wives


If I for example have a wife
I’m fond of and find myself
Hoping she won’t die
Do I diverge from Nature’s will,
Or God’s, which of course I do;
So in being out of step
Do I typify some significant

Principle, for I have heard this
Is a common thing, this loving
Of wives so would it serve a
Purpose when she dies to rail
At God knowing as I do
That all wives die?  And if
Not should I somehow learn

To love less – or perhaps
Embrace mourning more
As a thing to be desired,
And if not then to measure
The distance left in following her
Or believe she will be in heaven
When she dies?  But if that

How could I be sure
My belief in heaven
Wasn’t merely assuaging
My grief and deep down
Know that though she be
There I will be left
Behind in unbelief?

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