Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shanghai’s New Year’s Eve Stampede


Thirty-six killed with the matter still
Under investigation.  We were supposed
To take the tunnel under Lakewood
Boulevard back then to get to the
Parking lot.  One day walking up
Into the open air a bicyclist
Looked over his shoulder and

Would have had us had I not
Grabbed his handle bars.  One
Can’t encompass everyone
We knew we were cattle
Hardening some of us willing
To ward off the aggression.
The 405 was much the same.

An impatient lady moved between
The lanes intending to change from
One slow one to another.
I hit the brakes on my
KZ200 stopping inches
From her wide eyes.
The anarcho-primitivist

Ted Kaczynski received eight
Life terms and is incarcerated
At ADX Florence for his
Recommended solution along
With Faisal Shahzad, Ramzi
Yousef and Eric Rudolph who
Complained about the misery and pain.

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