Thursday, October 15, 2015

A short history of time


In our time they knew no cure.
I looked in at her waking.
We had to drive fifty
Miles to her appointment.
In an earlier time it wouldn’t
Have been so far but would
She have lived as long?

I helped her into her car,
Covered her, gave her dark
Glasses and drove her slowly
On.  By then she wasn’t
Interested in the world. Her
Eyes closed and only
Opened when she needed

To see me. Earlier
We sat in Jo Jo’s drinking
Coffee and talking of
Everything and it was all
Delightful, full of our lives
Which lacked nothing
To keep us happy save

The arresting of time. 
Surgeons then stripped
Her away till they had
Done, telling us they could
Do no more, telling her to
Choose an ending.  When
We began we chose

To hike up above the tree
Line in order to look
Down at the long way
We had come, drinking
A bit from my thermos,
Not worrying if the sun set.
Last night lightning crackled

The dogs trembled,
Cowering near me.
Tonight clouds billow,
Thunderstorms threaten.
It is not as I wished or wanted.
Why after all this would the
Sun still wish to rise?

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