Friday, October 9, 2015



She pursued good deeds
With fine sympathy.
I stood off to one side watching.
They responded, smiling again
And again.  I needed no more
At my age.  She hummed
Her hymns and read

Her stories and devotions
Which I brought in abundance
Fearing she wouldn’t last so
Very long, and I needed to do my
Uttermost for her peace of mind.
Easing now away from many
Of those conclusions (Maimonides

Long ago declaring me able to
Pursue whatever intrigued) with
My books piled high opposing
Untoward capitulations.
The wind howled then
And now through my trees.
I’ve read with my own eyes

And heard with my
Ears frenzied sights and
Sounds whenever I
Wake or sleep, all
About me now,
Carefully watching
To catch me falling.

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