Thursday, October 22, 2015



Living without reference,
Why should I now prefer
Being one thing rather than
Something else?  I feel no
Preference.  My embryo
Was inscribed with long
Life and great strength,

But why should anyone care
Now?  I pick up a deck of
Cards and deal one winning
Hand after the other. I draw
My gun and hit the ten ring
Time after time.  Why is it
Then that the target I aimed

At with the greatest care
Should now be missed?  I
Can’t distinguish it from 
Cottonwood trees crows
Fly up from forcing
Me to look and watch
Clouds obscure whatever

Will follow.  I look
Down at Ben and
Duffy.  They know.
One third of a year.
One half of lifetime
Gone.  They stop me
From missing too.

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