Friday, February 5, 2016


    I thought about smoking –
    Should take longer
    Than I’ve got to get
    Cancer – Can’t take up
    Drinking – used to make me
    Wild – more trouble than
    I’ve energy for now.

    No point trying to
    Sing with no one
    But Duffy and Ben to hear,
    Cocking their heads as they
    Would, wondering what I was
    Doing, losing interest – know
    What that’s like.  Down stairs

    For all those years was her
    World – no point saving it
    Now, might keep a few
    Pieces – let people know
    She once lived here and
    Was ready for relatives and
    Friends with smiles to which

    I’d been addicted – inhaled them
    With my eyes.  She didn’t seem
    To mind, laughing with all
    Those others – all those empty
    Saucers and cups – no one will
    Mind if I take them, drink
    Espresso till my thoughts
    Bubble and fizz – glowering
    Up through the trees at the
    Mountain – leaning back
    In my chair – can’t
    Keep dust from covering
    Everything each morning
    With the sun.

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