Wednesday, February 3, 2016


    Outside a mountain restaurant
    We ate submarines, drank
    Coke and looked further
    Then we ever had up from
    My SR500 parked out front.
    I sat near everything back then,
    And on the sand that night

    You bundled up and smiled
    As the breeze ruffled your hair
    Across your eyes sparkling
    With stars.  Drinking espresso
    Now from a corpse powder
    China cup, palpably
    Compressed stress

    Thrummed my mind making my
    Eyelids twitch; something
    In the clouds was humming.
    This might be something new.
    I slid my Marine Corps knife
    Closer to hand, looked over
    At Duffy napping.  Surely he
    Would know.  I shoved it aside
    And took a sip.  Sometimes
    It is just my mind, one or two
    Sounds like words, probably
    Nonsense repeated as though
    There wasn’t enough there already
    And I didn’t know what it meant.

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