Monday, July 11, 2016


    He claimed innocence – what
    You’d expect.  They all do.
    Over time we broke him down,
    Working out, dressing up
    So she’d notice – careful
    With what he said, opening her
    Door, carrying her groceries
    From the store.  There was
    More, reams of it – bugs
    Had been placed at his place
    Of work, his house and car.
    No one actually saw him
    Do it.  It took place over
    Such a long period of time.

    He looked much different
    At the end, bent over with
    Concern, tremors in both
    Hands, rheumy eyes, no
    Disguising his guilt then.
    “Where is she now,” we
    Demanded?  And he just wept.

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