Monday, July 11, 2016

The Wheel

    Several in the course of time
    Have reminded me I’m bound
    To this wheel.  I’ve slipped
    Loose however, a bit adrift,
    Gentle and well-meaning
    They are yet alien in

    Understanding.  They say
    I need to reconsider our
    Assumptions, this wheel,
    And redefine my place.  An
    Outlier, close enough to
    Hear its rumble, but not to
    Grasp it with a firm hand

    As it turns, as people die?
    Old now – all of us.  How can
    I fault the others for not
    Understanding, comprehension
    Slippery in our loosening grasp?
    Tread wears and we are
    All surprised to see it go

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