Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Anarchist

    There were a few hints,
    Not enough for a warrant,
    But we knew who he was,
    Career agitator we all knew.
    We knew him, he figured
    The law didn’t apply to him,
    Figured it was a shameful

    Thing.  We say break one
    Law and you break them all –
    He has sinned and fallen short
    We’ll watch him when we
    Can, his goings in and
    Comings out and catch him
    In our time.  He’ll repeat

    His crime, walking his dark
    Path amidst owl and death
    Cries, where wind rustles
    License plates and stop signs.
    His malinois rushes drunks.
    Aliens fear him.  He’ll fear
    Us before we’re done.

    We’ll find his haunt.  He
    Won’t escape our strong
    Arm.  He would banish
    Us if he could and then
    He’d be the one out there
    With his dog making
    Laws, watching you.

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