Saturday, August 13, 2016



    We shouldn’t hike today because
    Of the air – don’t breath it they
    Advised. The midday heat will
    Take its toll of the old and infirm. 
    I’ve queued up for a spot in the
    Far north hoping no one beats
    Me out – For now I creep about

    In the early hours.  A tattooed
    Hollow-eyed man blows something
    Up and stares at the remains frame
    After frame. Beneath the bridge
    Everyone acts his part.  Young
    Men stand in the shade, laughing,
    And singing life is funnier

    Than I think driving past.
    I don’t accept that, shaking
    My head at the raucous
    Laughter coming after
    Reaching down I turn
    On the AC, never having
    Learned to swear properly.

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