Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost Light

    Scoffing at those who reveled
    In high-school feats year
    After year, I’ve always let
    That go, knowing we don’t
    Remember as they wish
    But should we?  I’ve run
    Ahead not looking back,

    Changing to being comfortable,
    Accumulating new concepts,
    Sweeping the old ones away.
    With her near me I’ve relished
    Year after year, planning our
    Way into great age.  To be
    Sure I’ve lost loved ones,
    Dogs die young.  I can’t recall
    Now which one lay where
    When we curled up on the
    Floor to sleep.  I snap awake,
    Shocked by darkness, unable
    To hear the sound of her
    Laughter, the look of her smile.

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