Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Idaho occluded

    Even if as today the way north
    Is impeded leaving me fretting
    Over a broken dryer and choked
    Stove; even if the horizon has
    Dwindled, sliding me backward and
    Sapping my will; and even if Pound
    Once left Idaho with more force

    Than I have used getting there;  
    It will be hot again today,
    Jessica will be five months
    Old and the heat will discourage
    Idlers from living on the river,
    Cause rabbits to hide and coyotes
    To walk about on spindly legs.

    Mbah Gotho is living at one
    Hundred and forty five while I’ve
    Been seeking a better place to die.
    When asked his explanation, he
    Said “patience.” I’ve trouble
    Sitting still for the briefest while
    And sleep is often beyond me.

    So what if one day the
    Sky should break its reticence
    And rain?  Would all these
    Intentions be washed away,
    The mountain lake dreams,
    The moose and elk, the brown
    Bear and inquisitive wolf?

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