Monday, October 31, 2016

Hike on 10-23-16 where there are no trolls

The sky was a bit red this morning so we scurried off and got there 35 minutes before dawn.  "There" today was near the Scientology center.  They don't take kindly to trolls.*  In fact they don't take kindly to people taking photos of their property which I learned several years ago.  Their security people were polite to me but they hovered.  I don't know what they'd do to trolls.

We started on the distributary coming down out of the nearby mountain and feeding into the San Jacinto River.  There is water in this area whenever there is even a tiny bit of rain and since I don't have mud tires I won't be able to come down here in bad weather.  Maybe I'll feel like checking on the trolls when (if?) that happens.

A couple of times I had the camera up to my eye, sort of sensed something was wrong, and then Jessica hit me.  She is like a little ball of muscle and it isn't possible to ignore her when she wants attention.   At home when I'm at the computer or reading. She punches me in the arm or shoulder when she wants attention. I've never had a dog do this.  She gets up on her hind legs, hauls off and punches me with her front paws.  She can do this with considerable force.  I can't say she causes any pain but she does break up one's concentration.  Duffy on the other hand just scratches the back of my chair.  Ben when he wants attention comes over and squeezes his head up under my arm and looks up at me with a soulful expression.

We hiked down the distributary, crossed the San Jacinto River, walked for a while on the North levee and then, because it was Sunday and all farm workers had the day off, we hiked along a couple of farm service road.  The watermelon plants were in bloom (if that's what you call it) although I didn't see any little watermelons.

I haven't weighed Jessica recently, but she seems to have traded some of her puppy chubbiness for some longer legs.  She's probably not done yet.  She'll be 7 months old on November 1st.

Whenever Jessica and I have a disagreement, we negotiate.  When we were done with our hike today and back near the Jeep, Jessica found the remains of a small animal that had been recently killed.  She dearly wanted to take it home with her, but I insisted that she drop it.  She knew what I wanted her to do but she didn't want to do it.  She stalled, walked away but came back.  We stared at each other.  I went through the "drop it" motions again.  Finally she gave up and dropped it, but she wasn't happy.  She walked away as though she was going to punish me by not going home with us, but then she came back.  She wasn't going to get in the Jeep though and I couldn't make her (was her attitude) but she sidled up to the Jeep and ignored me as I picked her up and put her in the back with Ben.   That's not so bad.  I can work with that.

*no doubt politically incorrect, but I first encountered them living under the State Street overpass.  And then numbers of them followed.  A very few hardy young men would stay down on the river in past years, but recently that number has increased dramatically.

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