Saturday, October 22, 2016

Searching for Beauty II


    Moore didn’t have Susan
    In mind, and whether she met
    His standards, she met mine,
    And it didn’t matter whether
    She measured up to an absolute.
    I wasn’t the only one pursuing
    Her back in those days.  She

    Was someone worth pursuing:
    her laughter, smile and quick
    Wit.  Her beauty at that time
    Though fleeting as it seems
    Now, even lost from the
    Photos I searched.  Cries
    From crows out of trees

    In unconcern, immune from
    What we think, those of us
    Who dwell below, though they
    Swoop down from time to time
    To wrest some small morsel
    That for all I know is
    Beautiful in their eyes.

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