Monday, June 28, 2010

Contrary to what I expected

            Susan stopped halfway down
            The stairs to watch the sea
            And the seagulls diving in the surf
            For perch and the sun glinting
            Off the wave-tops right before
            They succumbed in confusion
            To a contrary tide.

            Her smile turned to a frown
            As she looked down into
            Its gritty churning
            And then to the rest
            Of the stair-steps
            Bent as she was toward
            Lying in the sand.

            I was once caught
            In such a tide.
            My first wife, Karen, watched
            As I waved for help
            Not taking me seriously.
            I had to go back out
            To sea to find another way;

            Which is what I've learned
            Thus far watching Susan smile
            At children chasing each other
            With sea-weed pods
            And digging in the wet
            Sand to hold up handfuls
            To passing gulls.

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