Friday, July 2, 2010

Supporting Islamism and Opposing the military

            In regard to my saying that Blogblather supported Islamism, I had in mind an earlier note, 

            I will grant that Blogblather said he opposed Islamism, but what are we to do with the fact that he supported practically (in his argument) Hamas and Hezbollah?  I'm not sure he thought that through, but he seemed to infer that if Hamas was duly elected that it was somehow no longer a terrorist organization, and that isn't true.

            I ran across another individual of the Left who doesn't seem to realize that there is a difference between "notional" and "practical" support, Kagan.  Here is Captain Pete Hegseth testifying about Kagan's treatment of the Military at Harvard.  He doesn't use the word "notional."  He says that Kagan supported the military "rhetorically," but practically she opposed it:

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