Monday, December 29, 2014

After watching a series on the Pacific War


These still plague me.
I’d already seen
The movies, Iwo Jima
And Wake and strove to be
There; yet when I arrived
The Korean war was winding
Down; so I never stormed

A beach or charged an enemy
Emplacement.  I feel conflicted,
Not willing to give up my books
Or the need to go down stairs
And fix Susan’s dinner.  I no
Longer wish to join an attack
And feel the disgrace.

During my time the beach
Was on the Yellow
Sea with a tide so long
It would recede past seeing.
I would watch it go and watch
Women and children
Digging in the sand for clams.

I am past the age
For re-enlistment and though
Most often wish to remain
As I am still feeling
a nagging regret.
I never purchased
My own M1 and doubt I could
Still hit the black from 500 yards.

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