Saturday, December 20, 2014

Retirement Locations


I myself wanted to retire
Next to a great expanse
Where I could hunt
Pheasant, quail, and run
Some German Shorthaired
Pointers, perhaps
In Northern Arizona.

Now I’ve a daughter living
Near such an expanse in
Northern Utah by the
Great Salt Lake and an
Old friend living in
Northern Washington high
Up.  Do they hunt there

I wonder?  Isn’t it too cold
For pointers?  As it is
We stay near doctors,
Specialists in Susan’s
Ailments, but I’ve seen
Light coming through the
Trees at sundown,

Turning us gold, and frost
On cold mornings with
Fog changing everything.
It could be any of those
Places for all I could tell,
Having no sense of direction
I could be anywhere.

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