Thursday, December 11, 2014



Sure as some are fond of saying
I might have cancer unbeknownst
Or be struck down by a truck
Some dark night walking the dogs
But I might not, and it doesn’t
Seem I will quite yet.  I still continue
While most of the counter arguments

Have passed away.  Jay for example
Afraid in a way before his early
Onset Alzheimer’s attempted to
Argue against my anger using
A gentle abasement
Which he knew wasn’t persuasive
But was all he could manage.

“Let’s go off and fight a war”
I advised both Nick and Stone
Who demurred laughing while
I shoved off to Boot Camp
And the General Gordon to Japan
And to Korea.  Saving themselves from war
One died during the Nixon administration

From skin cancer and the other
In Northern California from lymphoma.
The cause of cancer isn’t
Known I know, but they fell away --
Didn’t believe they could climb
Or swim as far.  I was always
The first one in and one day

I dived and found myself
In a flotilla of Jelly Fish
While they back on shore
Laughed.  I laughed too
But was delighted
At being there and seeing
What they never would.

If in all this is a lesson
I can’t conceive what
Might be, they being dead.
Looking back
To shore there are
No more to follow
My example.

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