Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nothing here


The pathway was wet.
We crunched through
The thicket’s morning 
Ignoring its substance and
However much it had grown
During the brief rains and
Sultry mists that hung

Above until wiped away
By the sun.  A rabbit darted
Past.  I looked back at Ben
And Duffy looking the wrong
Way.  Rabbits know how to
Time them. Something like
A train-whistle bellowed,

Some trucker from the main
Road was anxious too intrude into
As much as he could.  Who
Was it who would not hear him?
Is that enough I wonder, hearing?
Seeing isn’t enough if rabbits
Can pass through with impunity.

And what of this can be truly concealed?
The thicket hid the trail but we found
It.  Coyotes waited in the brush beneath
The trees but Ben knew and watching
Him I knew too and bade him
“Leave them be. There is nothing
Here for us.  Let’s walk on by.”

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