Monday, July 6, 2015

On Keeping Her


After the driving to odd
Places, each with its own
Rules, after the tests to
Demonstrate she was well
Enough for the transplant,
After procedures to reassure
The Team that she was as

She seemed fit to be on
The List she was finally
Accepted.  Then she fell,
And the whole procedure
Went to Hell.  She opted
Not to go down further.
I had suspended my

Disbelief but was aghast
At how this went.  “Trust
“Us.  We know what
We’re doing,” and she almost
Did.  I waited and watched.
“We have her and will keep
Her safe.”  I almost believed

They would.  Then they
And she gave it up and
They gave her back
And I knew I couldn’t keep
Her safe.  She hummed her songs
Each night but then she stopped
And I couldn’t keep her.

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