Friday, July 10, 2015



I’m willing to travel
If the reason and goal
Are pressing.  I did
Buy a car just to
Take her to Indio
To see her dad,
And later in the same

Car drove her to Marfa
To see her sister,
But driving now?  Where
Would I go and what
Would be my purpose?
I’d have to sell my Jeep
And buy something new.

Turning my chair toward
The wall there are
All those books to visit --
As involving as anything
I might find on a road,
More so if I select wisely.
I’ve read of Childe Harold,

Not held in high regard
By most.  Perhaps I’ll
Read Don Juan, and if
I’ve been there before, no
Matter.  I’ve been most
Places.  My Jeep is precious
And I’m not easily bored.

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