Monday, September 21, 2015



Everything she did was on her way –
No stopping for her even when
Stopped – sleeping only so she could
Rise and begin again.  I watched
Her unsteady steps, not gain-
Saying .  She having deferred
Medical guess-work, not even

Needing me to drive her
To her appointments, or so
She said.  I carried her
Up the stairs and across a
Threshold conceding she could
Have done that too, she from
Whom starlight flashed when I

First took her hand, guiding her
Or so I thought, but she thought
She guided me with as much
Strength as she could spare.  She
Surged ahead, not letting herself
Be held back by my doubts. 
Who would say she should have

Gone a different way -- mounted
Up into vain medical epiphanies?  She
Listened to more advice than I could
Bear, and steadily advanced toward
Her  destination – finding it, reaching
Out – letting go – hand
Holding to the very end. 

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