Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Thoughts flit – I can’t catch
One whole – they fragment,
Not quite understood.  I search
For a word to make them stop –
To tamp them down so I can
Rely on their reality – conclude
The imagined collection now resolved.

But, I worry: what if I chose
A different word and used
It to constrain the rest?  Would
It not create a different now?
So many nows drift by.  Sighing
I single one passing and dry
Its eyes.  Looking back I see

A smile I missed – not mine –
I cannot use it now or ever
Again.  A doleful gloom
Unrolls.  I set the sigh aside,
But feel the tumult churn as
It too slips away and I must
Settle for a morning unexplained.

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