Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pulling the Plug


He was guilty of something.
The D.A. gave me a look and
Shook her head – maybe just
Not this.  I shrugged and went
Back through the double doors –
The years were running together
No one was innocent!  Furthermore

Their guilt was worse than
Ours in this scheme of
Things.  We enforce the law,
Not them – crying as they will
Bleeding out their weakness
On their kitchen floors, their
Knives lying nearby.  She’ll

Cry it was all his fault and he’ll
Say it was hers.  We just count
The wounds and get someone to
Sop up the blood – have a beer
Or two on the way home – can’t
Even depend on family any more.
Mort’s kid was found last week

With a needle still stuck in his arm.
Danny’s wife was found dead
Drunk outside their apartment,
Danny will never confess he was
With Tina at the time.  I’ve put
My time in, time to pull the plug:   
Take my boat and dogs and drive

Some place up north where people
Are farther apart, where you can hear
Them coming, crunching up your
Walk, and if they ratchet in a round
you can hear that too.  The dogs will
Snarl and you’ll be able to see their
Outlines outside your kitchen window.

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