Sunday, July 30, 2017


    I’d made a bargain: if He’d
    Win her for me, make her mine
    I’d see her as the great love
    I’d sought, then if He’d cause
    Her to see me in the same
    Way I’d love her no matter
    What time and tarnish brought

    “For the rest of our lives”
    Which seemed a satisfying
    Eternity, so many are unrequited
    In such an endeavor, but here
    She was watching me
    And I could see her whenever
    I liked and hear her speak

    Much like an angel I suppose.
    There was no guile or effort. She’d
    Whirl about ending up with her
    Glossy hair slung round her face
    Then stop.  “See what I’ve done”
    She seemed to say knowing my
    Adoration would make it a wonder.

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