Sunday, July 30, 2017

Letting it Pass

    Heading back to the house
    And out of the heat, my own
    Heart beat to what I was hearing,
    The delving throb of the night
    Edging toward day, forcing its
    Way, for it had no where to go
    And wouldn’t stay.  I can though,

    Slipping aside, letting it pass.
    I can fill my mind with darkness
    Like a moonless night, and not
    See light unless its forced upon
    Me.  I’ve been in brightness
    And know what it is to
    Run as sprightly as a faun.
    I’ve blinked away sleep
    And felt a joy in mornings
    Of the sort I was used to
    All those years of being.
    But when nothing’s left,
    As now, is it not best to set
    Aside one’s going and stay?

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