Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our Two-Year Anniversary

    It’s true, it’s been two years
    Since she went away, but I still,
    Despite being told when we’re
    Old we all must wither, wonder
    Why she had to go. She was
    At our start lustrous-eyed and
    Always had something to say;

    Then with the years there was
    Less and less at her command.
    I filled in blanks, assumed
    What she was feeling, what she
    Needed, chattered about our
    Times – all the while she merely
    Smiled, this brown-eyed girl from

    Blue-eyed folks, she held much
    In.  Surely her smile would be
    Enough for me she seemed to feel,
    But as she withdrew, living more
    And more in whatever was next,
    She never actually said, and then
    A day came when she went away.

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