Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hike in December 2018 to the sound of gunfire

Some time ago I went on a buying spree and acquired a number of old film-era Pentax lenses.  I used them one after the other on hikes with my full-frame K1 until I sent it in for an upgrade.  By that time I had used all the lenses I thought would become my favorites, but I still owed the rest a test.  And so this morning I used the FA* 200mm f/2.8.  This is a very good high-quality lens.  The * is Pentax’s indication that this lens is the very best.  However, it isn’t very well suited to the sort of photography I do at the river.  Also, it has a narrower depth of field at most apertures than I prefer for landscape shots. 

I chose the hike alongside the dairy in hopes of getting some shots of the seabirds that show up after a rain when there are puddles of water on the ground, and I did find them, but the puddles were too far away for me to get any good shots of the birds.

Shot 579 shows a man sitting on a tractor talking to a goose.  They seem to be friends because the goose appears to be paying attention. 

Shot 597 and the next couple show some hunters shooting at something in the trees.  I’ve looked into these trees on a number of hikes and have seen only little tiny birds.  On occasion the trees seemed filled with them.  But there were no little birds in them this morning.  I don’t know what the hunters could have been shooting at – unless they were squirrel hunting.  I suppose there could have been squirrels up there, but I have never seen any.

Normally, we would go down from the river levee and through this copse, but we couldn’t do that with these guys shooting at stuff.  Ben was quite concerned.  Jessica was prepared to go down but only if I insisted.  As the shooting went on, Ben and Jessica seemed to like it least. Duffy didn’t seem to mind it. 

In shot 608 and the next couple you can see my sea birds, but not very closely.  A lens longer than 200 mm would have been better suited to seeing them today. 

In shot 616 and the next two you can see a few of the little birds that normally live (I assume) in the bigger trees in the copse.

In shot 626 you can see a gate shot at a fairly wide-open aperture.  This sort of shot would be close, perhaps, to what people who love this lens would be looking for.

In shot 640, and you can only tell if you magnify it, but Jessica is giving me an apprehensive look.  She has something in her mouth and is probably waiting to see if I am going to make her drop it.

Shot 642 shows Ben in very good detail.  This is a very good lens.

The last shot shows someone jogging in the river bed, something I used to do when I retired here in December 1998. 

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