Sunday, February 24, 2019

Last Man Standing (9-18-18)

I feel like the last man standing.  Everyone anywhere near my age is either sick or dying.  I do better mentally (the dogs probably feel the same way) when I can hike more regularly.  If future mornings are no worse than yesterday then we can get used to hiking for 90 minutes or so before it gets uncomfortably hot.  Doing much of it in soft sand is a pretty good workout. 

Back at home I’ve been working out with more intensity.  I’ve gained a bit of strength which made the hike yesterday easier from a physical standpoint. 

I do tend to avoid doctors’ and vets offices as the places where one or one’s furry friends are most likely to contract diseases.  My doctor whom I haven’t seen in 5 years would disagree with me, but I’ll bet I’m in better shape than he is. 

Duffy and Jessica are in good shape.  Ben for the most part is as well, but I got him at age three with some emotional baggage.  When upset from having a bad dream (my guess), he leans up against me wherever I go. 

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