Saturday, March 21, 2009

Communist Party of the Philippines

The above article is by LTC Filipe H. Villamil. He entitled it “CPP Celebrates 40th Years Denying A Better Filipino Life

Last night I received the following in response to

those activist in the philippines who are anti americans are the slaves,followers of the asias longest runing communistsim the CPP-NPA-NDF they been posion thier minds just to leave thier jobs and rally and join the rebel movement they only want to destroy my mother land and give way to communist dictatorship system how shame is thet to my country how ever there are people hre that still love america and then still praise them also i'm one of it remember the political killings happen thereis the prt of the plan of the reds just to gain power and use the khermerouge type of government and cleanse the mind of the people that who loves democracy let us not believe from them the filippino activist is also part of their campgin just to to have populrity,sympaty,and solicate fund that they use in printing of communist logos,ralies, arms,ammunation,medical supplies,and other anti goverment activity here are the organizations that are link to them beware of these people BAYAN,KMU,BAYAN MUNA,KABATAAN,MIGRANTE,they are disguise as activist, soliicate more funds and use the reform to actract people and join in there movement until they will pioson you and join the reds movement well beware of them KILL THE COMMUNIST rise the democracy we love democracy we love america

In our concern about Islamism, we forget that Communist parties in parts of the world are still attempting to ply their idealistic totalitarianism trade. Not everyone is capable of learning from other people’s experience. It does no good to warn a teenager of the mistakes you made. He will insist on making them on his own. The same thing is true of the Communist Party of the Philippines, aka CPP-NPA-NDF. We might warn the CPP of the mistakes made by the USSR and the Khymer Rouge, but they want to make their own mistakes.

LTC Villamil writes,

“As the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) celebrates its 40th founding anniversary, it highlights as it always does, its propaganda that it is fighting to achieve an equitable society through a democratic political system for the Filipino nation. Just like any insurgent group, the CPP, with its armed component, the New People’s Army (NPA) and its mass base organizer, the National Democratic Front (NDF) continuously promise anything to advance its political cause without paying any obligation and responsibility to prove it.”

He is quite right to ask for proof. He might expand and suggest that they scour the world for any Communist party or Government that has proof. None of them do. They have their wonderful ideals, but when they gain power, their governments have been disasters.

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