Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Re: How Russian was the Red Army?

Michael Kuznetsov has left a new comment on your post "How Russian was the Red Army?":


Please show me exactly where I claim, by your words, that the RED ARMY consisted of 100 per cent Russians, and I will immediately rectify it.
Although, I have re-visited my website and failed to detect such phrases.
If you mean the fact that I prefer mainly speak about Russians, it is very simple to understand.
As I have already said, the principal aim of my website is to make the West acquainted with specifically Russian traits of national character.
Not because the Russians are, allegedly, "better" than Georgians, or Tatars, or Jews, or Bashkirs, etc.
Not at all.
I am telling the readers about what I know from my own experience and that is all.
If I were a Tatar, I would most likely say about the Tatarian specific national traits, habits and customs, but I am not a Tatar.
I have known little about the Tatar soul.
You see?

So, I repeat: show me where I write that the RED ARMY consisted of 100 percent Russians and I will immediately remove the wrong words.

Thank you for your attention.



You didn’t say it overtly, but consider the following examples from your blog and you will see why I say you “implied it”:

“For instance: How could those "barbaric and submissive" Russians defeat overwhelmingly the best armies in the world, that of Napoleon in 1812, and respectively that of Hitler in 1941-1945?”

The formidable Hitler's Wehrmacht together with the bloody SS in 1941-1945 . . . to name only a few of a great deal of equally abominable godless murderous scum who incensed the Omnipotent Creator. And who were severely punished by the Lord God, eventually, with the Russian victorious arms.”

“Russia would always become even stronger and stronger, mightier and mightier after the beating off each new formidable enemy's invasion.”


“The Russian warriors , , , It was WE who defended our beloved country from the German invasion in 1941 – 1945!”

“. . . and finally to the right, the victorious Soviet soldier [statue of a Russian soldier unless my eyes deceive me] with a submachine gun who derouted Hitler's Nazi Germany in 1941-1945. The uniforms, banners, weapons and equipment would change significantly through the ages, but the Russian unbending spirit would remain one and the same forever.
We Russians do never change!”

“So, I repeat: "WE" is the main word in Russia.”

“Now, you will understand that the medieval Russian host was OURS, the Imperial Russian Army was OURS, the Red Army was OURS, the Soviet Army was OURS, and the present-day Russian Army is OURS, too, of course.”

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