Friday, March 27, 2009

Re: The Shrinking Russian population.


Michael Kuznetsov has left a new comment on your post "Re: The Shrinking Russian population":


What sounds vague to you is clear to me. The author of the rabid anti-Russian comment is without any doubt a representative of Galicia.

By the way, Lawrence, did you receive my two responses to your e-mails?



Yes I got your responses to my emails, at least I think I know what you are referring to:  the emails to make sure American internet censors weren't cancelling you as spam?  I can assure you that they don't cancel any spam.  I get it all.  It does go into a special "Spam" folder, but I always look at email titles in that folder before deleting anything.  Your test emails (3 of them) went into my inbox not into the spam folder.


Now as to Galicia.  That is interesting, I wonder how you know that.  I do get some "analytics" about blog traffic.  It shows which countries are posting and I don't have any "hits" from Poland.  I do have a few from the Ukraine, however, so perhaps that is where he is.  I also get information on which cities "looked" at which blog notes, but it seems to be a day late.  If tomorrow we have a "hit" from Ukraine, then I shall suspect the poster might be from there.  If not, then the only city to have looked at the subject note as of the last "analytic" report was Moscow.  Do Galicians ever make it to Moscow?


Lawrence Helm



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Anonymous said...

You have got 3 e-mails from me, while I sent you only 2.

A word combination like this: "Mixture of european-turkic-finnish-mongol-caucasian stocks" has been mostly characteristic for the Galician insultive vocabulary against the Russians.
It is very familiar to me.
Oh yes, the person in question can well operate from any place, including Moscow.
Why not?

Their hatred is an incurable mental illness.
God be their Judge.