Thursday, March 26, 2009

RE: New comment on Sergeants in the Russian Army.

Michael Kuznetsov has left a new comment on your post "Sergeants in the Russian Army":

Have you seen the "Full Metal Jacket" movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick?
The American Army hazing shown there is really hellish.
No comparison to the Russian "dedovschina" of which I personally have known much better than all the sources you mention.

And don't be too ready to believe in everything which is written in Wikipedia.

Lawrence responds:

Hollywood movies about the military are much much much less trustworthy about the American military than Wikipedia (and I don't mean this as praise of Wikipedia). The three greatest anti-American forces in America today are 1) the mainline media, 2) Academia, and 3) Hollywood and not necessarily in that order.

I saw the movie several years ago. One of the recruits goes bonkers and kills his drill instructor? Do drill instructors ever get killed by recruits? I've never heard of it, even in the army.

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