Monday, March 30, 2009

Katyn: "Exhuming Secrets" says Stalin said do it

The authors Gregory and Siekierski, in this Hoover Digest article entitled “Exhuming Secrets” provide an interesting discussion not only of the latest evidence but of the arguments of the Katyn deniers. A photo is shown of Beria’s memo asking to shoot the Polish Officers and of Stalin writing his approval on the memo and signing his name.

What hope do the Katyn deniers have in the face of such evidence? None but to say it is forged. The authors discuss some of the Katyn deniers’ issues, but they clearly think the evidence is overwhelming that Beria ordered the Katyn shootings and that Stalin approved them.

Are not Russians reasonable, logical people? Cannot they see that Soviet Russia had been sending Poles along with the others who might one day dream of opposing Stalin to their deaths in GULags throughout the 30s and that the Katyn shootings are consistent with that Soviet activity? Yes, Katyn is also consistent with what the Nazis were doing, but it is at least consistent with what Soviets were doing as well; so why the Mukhin-type arguments which present Stalin and the Soviets as naïve innocents being taken advantage of by evil Poles? What is the need of that? Why not let the evidence speak for itself rather than produce such slanted rant against the Poles in an article intended to prove that the Soviets were innocent of killing them. You claim the Nazis did it, Mukhin, but in your article you provide a motive for the Soviets to have done it. Your denial is weakened by such rant against the Poles.

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