Friday, December 3, 2010

Duffy and the Ridgeback Girls


[taken 12-3-10 with the HP R717.  Double click to enlarge photos]

Duffy (Susan’s six-month old Schnoodle) had been a week in Tucson with Susan.  This was his first river hike after they got back and the very first time I let him walk off leash for more than a minute or two.  Except for the first ten minutes or so, he was off leash.  He did extremely well.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  He followed the girls sometimes, but when he was in doubt, he walked next to me in the heel position; although he has never had any formal training.  In the first photo he is walking alongside Sage


In photo number two Duffy was walking with Ginger when she saw a rabbit.  She took off chasing it and Duffy chased along behind her.  They were out of my sight for a short time and then Ginger returned with Duffy right behind her.  Ginger never catches any rabbits but I tell her “well done” anyway.  I said the same thing to Duffy.


Here the three of them are walking ahead.


This last photo was on the way back to the Jeep.  The weather had warmed up a bit and the girls took to going on ahead to wait in shady spots for me to catch up.  It didn’t take Duffy long to decide that was a pretty smart thing to do.  That is Sage with Duffy.  Ginger sometimes prefers to wait in some shade while I go on ahead.  Just as I start worrying about her I look around and see her walking parallel to us -- in the shade.


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