Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photos from a foggy morning

I could see the mountain covered with fog from my study window.  By the time we got down there the fog had lifted quite a bit, but the day remained overcast

It was difficult mastering the dials and buttons on the not-yet-familiar E-520 and keeping track of Duffy at the same time.  Here he is dashing into the frame from the bottom, hurrying to see what Ginger has found.


Duffy has done extremely well.  He is just 15 pounds and intended by Susan to be a lap-dog, but he caught on to our hikes at the river with little trouble.  Here they all are getting ready for a game of chase.


In this typical pose, Sage is looking off toward the distance, checking for rabbits; while Ginger and Duffy are near the trees to the left seeing what they can find in the grass and brush.


Here is another typical pose, Ginger and Duffy playing.  Here is Duffy provoking Ginger into another round of chase.


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