Sunday, September 11, 2011

Muslims cheered on 9/11, many still do

“Many Muslims celebrated on 9/11. Many continue to celebrate. Some even want a huge mosque at Ground Zero. Never forget. Never submit.”

“ The area also includes two luxury apartment high-rises that erupted into cheers when the World Trade Center fell on 9/11. Law enforcement has dubbed them the “Taliban Towers.” Investigators routinely find posters and computer screen savers celebrating Osama bin Laden as a hero.

“ Down the street is a Saudi charitable front for al-Qaida once run by bin Laden’s nephew. The U.S. branch of the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood is in the same office park. Farther down in Alexandria is the Saudi madrassa that’s graduated several terrorists, including the al-Qaida operative who plotted to assassinate President Bush.

“ Agents on the ground working the inordinate number of terror cases in the area say it’s no less than the base of operations for the bad guys in America”

COMMENT: Too many anti-American, pro-anyone-who-is-not-American Liberal/Leftists are promoting the same sort of thing David Horowitz has railed against in his Unholy Alliance, Radical Islam and the American Left. Nothing seems to have changed. I recently criticized some disruptive Islamist actions only to have Leftists try to turn the tables on me: It was really disgruntled Jews and Brits who were disruptive. Another searched a You-Tube of the disruption by Muslims of the Zubin Mehta concert in honor of the Queen of Denmark and declared “I don’t see any Muslims.” Maybe he didn’t, but why say that as though the story was being concocted to persecute poor innocent Muslims?

Muslims who attack any part of the West, or seek to undermine it through their “Creeping Sharia” should be opposed. We should also oppose those who defend the nefarious acts of anti-Western Muslims. Those who assert that 9/11 was caused by Americans or Jews are doing just what recent Leftists did on a smaller scale who blamed the disruption of the Zubin Mehta concert on Jews and Brits.

Imagine what our present world would be like if after December 7th 1941, people like our present-day leftists railed at us for causing the attack? Those poor Japanese only attacked us because we were cutting off their supply of oil. We shouldn’t have done that. We should have left their Chinese enterprises alone. It isn’t our business what they do over there. Who are we to challenge the Japanese? Do we think we are better than they are? That’s pure racism!

That, of course, didn’t happen. We went to war against the Japanese, defeated them, and in subsequent years saw them adopt Liberal Democracy patterned on the U.S. model.

After 9/11 Bush launched a war against the Islamists. Islamists didn’t have a single name and it took some research to get their various elements straight, but it didn’t matter. We were able to figure out who are enemies were. We attacked them in Afghanistan and in Iraq. America’s Left-Wing enemies verbally attacked us on cue for not having dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s; what did Saddam Hussein, they demanded, ever do to us. Claire Berlinski’s grandfather was dying at the time ( ). He assessed the attack on 9/11 in these words: “They must pay for it with a city.” We took more than a city. We conquered two antagonistic nations and set them on the road to democracy. Leftists are looking under the table and the other way, but there is every reason to believe that Bush’s “war on terror” provided one of the causes, if not the main impetus for the “Arab Spring.” -- yes, quite a bit more than a city.

In a review of Hitch-22 in “The Australian” David Free writes, “While Noam Chomsky and others construed the attacks as a more or less straightforward response to US foreign policy, Hitchens, seasoned by the Rushdie affair, called the hijackers "nihilists . . . at war with culture as a whole". One of his earliest ripostes to the Chomsky position has stuck in my mind. Noting that September 11 happened to mark the anniversary of the 1973 military coup in Chile -- a CIA-backed enormity that gave democratic Chileans every right to resent the US government -- Hitchens wrote: ‘I don't know any Chilean participant in this great historical struggle who would not rather have died -- you'll have to excuse the expression -- than commit an outrage against humanity that was even remotely comparable to the atrocities in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.’”

One day after the attack, Hitchen’s wrote, “It was as if Charlie Manson had been made God for a day.”

The Left of course will never agree with such assessments. They will never say anything good about the U.S. or the West. That is a given so there is no point trying to placate them – any more than there is to placate Islamists, shrouding the fact (as the Obama administration seems to be doing) that it was Islamic forces bent on subverting freedom that brought down the twin towers so as not to offend members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk.

An editorial in this morning’s “The Press-Enterprise” begins “America’s institutional memory of Sept, 11, 2001, is shaping up as a sense of loss without context. There seems to be an effort to forget, whether out of revulsion or political correctness, that 19 religious fanatics drove jets full of people and fuel into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and crashed another in Pennsylvania. As the nation pays its respects today to the 2,977 innocent victims of the attacks, Americans should also remember that the attacks arose from a totalitarian impulse that free people must defeat.” Some of us do – I don’t know how many.

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