Saturday, September 10, 2011

Muslims disrupt Israeli philharmonic

One can find a fuller description of what happened at  Muslims around the audience popped up at different times.  Here is a description of the disruptions:

“The concert started as normal and then "a group of 10 to 15 people stood up in the choir stalls [behind the orchestra]," said London lawyer Paul Infield, 56, who was in the audience. “Each person was carrying a white sheet on which had been drawn a letter spelling out 'Free Palestine.' “The group was singing words to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" and went quietly when ushers removed them, he said.

“Infield continued his account, saying that many in the audience of close to 6,000 booed, hissed and shouted "Get out!" and "Go home!" along with obscenities. The audience also responded to the protest with slow hand clapping, which is considered an offensive gesture in Britain. Subsequent disruptions, which eventually numbered about half a dozen, were played out in a similar fashion. A man who had silently displayed an Israeli flag was also removed by Royal Albert Hall staff.

And yes, those attending the concert and wishing to hear the music were upset:  “According to Infield, the final disruption of the evening involved some shouting from the gallery about the siege of Gaza, which was silenced with a punch thrown by an adjacent audience member. Both parties were escorted quickly from the premises.”  The man who threw the punch probably isn’t as tolerant of creeping sharia as some in Britain seem to be.

“The British newspaper the Telegraph reported that the group Palestine Solidarity Campaign was responsible for the disturbances.”

And here is a blog I haven’t encountered before “Islamic degradation of civil societies. What was once beautiful and precious is now the battleground for subhumans and savages. In a disgusting display of Islamic Jew-hatred, the BBC was forced to cancel its broadcast of the BBC proms concert at London's Royal Albert Hall for the first time in history.”

That’s rather harsh.  Where does this Citizen Watch person live, I wonder?  After a description of the disruption, not dissimilar from the one above, he concludes, “This is not new -- so many performances by Jewish artists and musicians are disrupted and ruined by these savage neanderthals who would have the whole world living under the bloody and brutal sharia, devoid of love, music, art and happiness.”

I must protest his use of the term “Neanderthals.”  I suspect they were much better behaved than anti-Neanderthal prejudice has allowed.  Recent genetic discoveries prove that they passed some very useful genes down to us.  Muslim disrupters aren’t passing anything useful to us as far as I can tell.


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Maybe you in Britain are used to this and take your usual offense at those of us in the U.S. expressing shock, but someone needs to be ashamed of this sort of behavior – if not the Muslim perpetrators then the permissiveness that permits them to misbehave.

If rather than condemn these clowns you excuse them, and via Google find something comparable happening in the U.S, I’ll save you the trouble.  I would feel the same way if it happened here, and it probably will.  Left-wing Liberalism is everywhere.

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