Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shariah court established in Antwerp


A shariah court has been established in Antwerp, Belgium to handle marriage disputes and inheritance issues if requested by the parties involved in lieu of a civil court hearing.

The court opened at the insistence of a radical Islamic group called “Sharia 4 Belgium,” according the Belgian news outlet Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN). . . .”

“De Coninck did concede, however, that it would have been better if this particular Shariah court weren’t championed by radical fundamentalists– in this case, with a history of calling for the Islamization of Europe and support for the proclamation of Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Awlaki.

“In the past, Sharia 4 Belgium has promoted online Jihad videos and invited Belgians to convert to Islam lest they wait for the Islamic conquest and become forced to live out their lives as dhimmis (distantly second-class citizens).

“Despite that ideological background, the group claim to be non-violent.

“Belgian right-wing politician Vlaams Belang does not accept that this Shariah court is merely a benign mediator, and said recently that (translated from HLN):

“‘This court is a new step in the Islamization of Antwerp… you certainly can’t have a parallel system of Sharia courts developing besides the official judicial bodies, which judges based on principles which clash with the values of our democratic constitutional state.’”


One of the primary duties of any government is to protect its citizens against enemies.  Belgium didn’t do a very good job of that prior to World War II and isn’t doing a good job now.  What mind set or set of assumptions could Belgium leadership have to invite a group with an announced goal of converting Belgians to Islam before the Islamic conquest to set up shop?  This group obviously believes in that conquest and looks forward to it.  It also believes it appropriate that after the conquest unbelieves should be dhimmis.  There is no softness in Islamic Fundamentalism.  Its goal is to conquer the world for Islam; which includes killing infidels when necessary and later, after the conquest and the killing, making some of the survivors dhimmis. 

I shouldn’t pick on Belgium.  Other European nations are doing the same thing.  They don’t believe Islamic Fundamentalism is a threat.  But then most of these nations didn’t believe Hitler was a threat.  Later, after WWII, many in France turned to Communism as a preferable alternative to Liberal Democracy.  And when the USSR failed many intellectuals turned their interest to the philosophy of Heidegger – an opponent of Liberal Democracy.

Maybe Fukuyama will be proved correct.  Maybe Liberal Democracy will ultimately supersede all other forms of government, but France, Belgium and some other European nations seem bent on trying everything else first. 


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