Friday, August 8, 2008

The Cause Celebre as justification for Gun Control

You will recall Seung-Hui Cho who murdered 32 people at Virginia Tech last year. Gun control advocates take all such aberrant acts as great opportunities: Cho murders 32 people? Let’s try to take guns away from everyone. Putting it in such bald terms makes the argument seem absurd, which it is; so instead they work on the emotions of common gullible people. If they can get them to shed enough tears for the 32 dead people and the survivors, perhaps they can get laws passed to take guns away from millions. It has worked before in such places as Australia (after the Point Arthur “massacre”). Perhaps it will work again here in the U.S.

I debated a Gun Control advocate after the Cho incident who wrote, “Ah, Lawrence, don't we have fun tossing out anecdotes that support our positions. You don't need to worry, guy, your guns are safe for years to come. Limiting gun ownership in this country is a dream far down the pike. First this culture must come to value human life. I don't see that happening anytime soon.”

I responded by saying, by “this culture must come to value human life,” I suppose you mean that human nature must change. That is, even the aberrant, the Chos who are present in all societies must no longer exist. This, of course, is fundamental to your idealistic theories. That no one like Cho will be born – or (most ludicrous of all) that some sort of Leftist-Liberal education shall be created so that once heard, the future Cho’s will shout ‘ah ha,’ and become instantly normal.

Humans throughout recorded history have valued human life – that is, the majority of them. They have made it a crime punishable by death to take a human life. Thus, the Chos throughout history have been dealt with in such a way that their aberrant (that is, the small portion of humans who do not value human life) behavior is not allowed to continue.

Leftist philosophy while giving lip service to valuing human life is really counter to it. Since Logic is no longer taught in University, they don’t know it, but by preventing ordinary (human-life-valuers) from protecting themselves against the aberrant, they denigrate human life. Furthermore, whenever a Cho is apprehended alive, he is rarely put to death for his aberrant behavior; so he is at least potentially able to take more life. If his crime, through clever Leftist-Lawyer representation, is downgraded to manslaughter, he will get his chance to do it again. If he is imprisoned for life, he comes up for parole; thus keeping in thrall the relatives of his victims.

Repent from your anti-life philosophy, I told this Gun Control fellow, and encourage the vast majority of innocent civilians to defend themselves against the vicious, Cho-like, minority. Join the NRA!

Lawrence Helm

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