Monday, August 11, 2008

Identifying the Jihadist enemy

Because we are so hide bound and unwilling to accept the nature of the Jihadist enemy, we have been bending over backwards and jumping through hoops of our own making which has made the Jihadist’s work easier. The Jihadists cannot be described as a nation? Why shoot, let's leave them alone then! Maybe we can treat them as criminals. And by all means let's not say they have any religious affiliation. The ACLU will be all over us.

Instead, let's 1) look at who they are and 2) acknowledge that they have declared war against us and 3) declare war against them.

They are loosely organized ad-hoc groups that take advantage of our inability to fight asymmetric warfare.

They are a radical element of the Islamic religion and they don't even need to be organized to decided they want to engage in a personal Jihad. The ideology is out there for any Muslim to accept. I have read Jihadist teachers saying that any Muslim who does not engage in Jihad is not going to enter paradise. “The enemy is all around you, and you do nothing. Mohammad took Islam as far as he could during his lifetime, but what are you doing? Don't you love Allah? If you really love him then get a bomb and show your love. If you can't get a bomb, get a gun, and if you can't get a gun, get a knife. And if you are so poor that you can't get a knife, get a sharp stick and kill an infidel. We are in a war against the infidel, and everyone needs to do his part. There is no excuse not to fight this war, this Jihad. Allah is depending upon you.”

This is typical jargon and the hearer doesn't need to sign or join anything. He and a couple of his buddies can do their bit in any way they see fit. They might even claim to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and if they are successful, or even if they aren't, Al Qaeda probably won't deny their claim. All such independent action brings glory to Allah, and perhaps to Al Qaeda as well. And if you insist on tying Jihadists them back to a nation before you take action, then you are crippling your ability to resist.

Lawrence Helm

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