Saturday, August 9, 2008

Re: A Canadian ridicules American Gun Rights

After some back and forth debate with the Canadian, I wrote, "I was joking. Human nature doesn’t really change. That it can change is part of the Leftist-Pacifist Fantasy."

Do I really believe this nation was based upon the people having the power, and government deriving from the people? Yes, certainly. Sometimes the people we put in office forget that, and certain believers in Welfare-types of government would like to see our form of government replaced by a European-type Paternal style government that doesn’t really trust the people and feels it needs to care for, protect, and restrict its child-like citizens, but we continue to retain our Republic, and one of the signs of its retention is that none of the rights the founding fathers established here have been taken away thus far.

I discussed this mythical “gun-love” in an earlier note. It is baloney. I don’t know anyone that loves guns. People love cars more than guns and they don’t love cars very much. They trade them in every couple of years. People love computers more than guns and they hate computers because they have to replace them and have people work on them. We live in an age of tools and gadgets, but they are after all merely tools and gadgets.

You missed the Barone note and many others on the same subject. Having a gun makes it less likely that someone is going to attack, rob, rape, or murder you if you are an American and give some evidence of possessing a gun.

You don’t have guns in Canada because you have a different concept of government and perhaps even of life. Nations have general characters and characteristics that huge segments participate in. If you think of France, Britain, Australia, Canada etc., certain characteristics come to mind. In the U.S. one of ours is “rugged individualism.” It has been transmuted to a certain extent, much as the Japanese Samurai spirit has, into entrepreneurship, but many of us still think in those basic terms still. We can do it ourselves and we would rather when it comes right down to it. That includes protecting our families and property. That also includes protecting our nation. Notice how many nations exist that can protect themselves in an extensive way, that is, projecting a military force across the world to protect its interest -- just one in any thoroughgoing sense. I for one am not inclined to apologize for that. We continue to be able to do things ourselves both nationally and individually. Europeanized Leftist-Pacifists don’t like that and to them I say, “tough”!

Lawrence Helm

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