Sunday, August 10, 2008

Re: On American Rugged Individualism

Mike Wrote, “You didn't answer my question, Lawrence. I'm all too familiar with the Rotarian simplicities you recited -- Lynne Cheney would be proud, btw -- but I want to know what makes you think there's anything individual about you. As I see it you're just another blossom on the bush -- no pun intended, though politically it's rather apt.”

Lawrence responds: A cheap ploy, Mike -- reducing things to ad hominem possibilities. I say I'm X. You say, Oh, yeah, you think you're some big X. You are so not X. Thinking you're X when your nothing but a Q.

Just an American here, Mike -- as individual as the rest of those of us who are American and not Europeanized Leftist Pacifists who don't really feel comfortable here, who want to change American to be more like the Europeans they admire, who want to denigrate Americans, make them ashamed of being what they've always been, making fun of the rights they've enjoyed. Sneering, twisting, quibbling, turning, fearing, hiding -- afraid of the dark were it not for the great paternal 911 that can be or might be a barrier against what is really out there in the dark, because what is in here doesn't really exist outside where one must chose, do things, make decisions, stand up for what is right as intimidating as that might be. For if there is really something RIGHT, then I might have to adhere to it or agree with it or admire it or what's worse disagree with it and then be WRONG.

Lawrence on the Right

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