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RE: Imperialism: British, Russian, French, etc..

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I have just found an interesting website about one of the US's most decorated soldiers (a Marine?).
Two-time Medal of Honor recipient Major General Smedley Butler.

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I once had a biography of Smedley Butler, but I loaned it to a liberal and never got it back. Butler had some very well-known complaints about the way things were done back. He was from a Quaker family (which doesn't believe in war). He was willing to do his job but believed it should be for worthy causes. He didn't think protecting business interests qualified. In a sense you can understand it: some country makes a business deal with some American interest and then reneges. What does the company do? It calls the President and asks him to send in the Marines. We don't do things that way anymore (although the website you reference suggests that we do), but we did back then. Don't forget, Butler's service ended in about 1931.

Stalin would have had him shot.

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