Monday, November 17, 2014

El Mirador


            How could we know

            In such a vast construction

            Where to park to abbreviate

            The long trek to the greatest extent,

            And which narrow spaces and darkened

            Pillars to pass by, which elevator

            Plodding on in our search?

            There was something in his hand,

            A needle and a vial, and with a

            Wistful and practiced eye

            He told us what it was

            He would do and how long it would take

            And when I might come back up.

            I withdrew to the depths

            Where heat had accumulated,

            And then went out over

            Causeways where the sky

            Had turned dark

            And was spinning 

            And practitioners dashed

            By me rushing away.

            Haggard and withdrawn

            She was finally released,

            And in the Jeep we too flew

            Beyond the city.  Something

            Was closing in we knew.

            Much would be suffered before

            The end of this endeavor?

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