Monday, November 24, 2014

On Coyotes and Cows

    We were hiking,
    And by the dairy
    Was a coyote near some
    Cows who were grazing
    In a field.  Ben bounded
    Down after the coyote
    Who known for his cleverness

    Disappeared.  I studied the cows:
    Weren’t they afraid?  The
    Coyote had been in plain
    Sight but they never looked
    Up except when Ben dashed down.
    But perhaps the coyote wasn’t
    In their line of sight and only in ours

    Or perhaps he moved outside
    Their line of vision or being
    Small perhaps they didn’t care
    And he was bent upon a mouse. 
    Ben returned.  The coyote
    Was gone and the cows
    Continued grazing.  One night

    I was hiking with Ben and
    Duffy and saw them stare
    Into the darkness.  I shined my light
    And the field glowed with
    Scores of coyote eyes watching
    Us.  We watched back and
    There was no disappearing.

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