Sunday, November 23, 2014


    You’d think theoretically
    She might believe she
     Was at my mercy: not being
    Able to care for herself.
    I made her steak
    And eggs this morning –
    “Seems like I just ate,”
    She said and sounded
    Annoyed.  Of course
    The darkest theories
    Entail many possibilities
    Most of which are irrelevant,
    But the tracks blocked
    Us demonstrably.
    We parked on the road
    With cars from the casino
    Running past while down
    Below a recent rain
    Restricted even more,
    But Ben and Duffy
    Didn’t mind and
    Ran with joy
    Despite my fear.
    I treated it as
    Carefully as I could.
    Those tracks wouldn’t
    Be there always.  Everything
    Fades and washes away.

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